How should you be punished?

This is a randomized quiz to determine an appropriate punishment for general wrongdoing. In taking this quiz, you agree to abide by the results. It's for your own good!

Generally speaking, spanking is the most effective punishment for minor offenses. It is never excessive and always delivered with love. Any marks from the most severe form, the dreaded switching, usually fade away within the hour.

Created by: Jim

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  1. What did you do wrong?
  2. Are you sorry for what you did?
  3. Have you done it before?
  4. Would you do it again?
  5. Do you deserve to be punished?
  6. Would you submit to the punishment chosen by this quiz?
  7. How nervous are you at the prospect of your impending punishment?
  8. What is your tolerance for pain?
  9. How long are you willing to wait until your punishment is meted out?
  10. Get ready, it's time for your punishment!

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Quiz topic: How should I be punished?