Which punishment do you deserve???

You have probably done something wrong. Your parent's punishment is too harsh yes? Here is a nice place for you to find out which punishment do you actually deserve.

So... what will you get for the wrong things you have done? Will it be just a warning,a boring grounding or a torturing one? Answers will reveal in a few minutes... think of what you did.

Created by: MChkflaguard_Yt
  1. Why are you doing this?
  2. How would you make yourself famous in school?
  3. Are you in a gang?
  4. Which position are you in the gang?
  5. A teacher stopped you running in the corridor your response.
  6. Some bullies stopped you in a corner of the stairs.
  7. What bad thing you done the latest?
  8. How do you feel of your offense?
  9. School motto is
  10. Pick one
  11. Are you a goodie-two-shoes or a naughtie?
  12. Will you comment and rate? (No effect!)

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Quiz topic: Which punishment do I deserve???