wedgie punishment

Thus quiz can be for fun, parties, punishment, or nothung at all. You can do it to yourself or have someone do it to you......its more punishing to have someone do it to you😈😈.

Do you deserve a wedgie? Have you been bad? Is this just for fun to you? Well we will fix that. Your buttcheecks and buttcrack will be very sore after this quiz..

Created by: abby

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  1. What underwear do you have on?
  2. What wedgie do you want/deserve?
  3. What have you done?
  4. You must spank yourself 20 tkmes hard on each cheek.
  5. Repeat the last qeustion but with something below.
  6. Repeat for this long
  7. Who is making you do this
  8. Is this going to hurt..
  9. Do another 20 spanks...
  10. Are you ready for this to be over
  11. I have been

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