What wedgie should you get

There are many different wedgies there is the normal,Melvin,flagpole,handing,messy,superman,propeller,doorknob and so many more so do you want to find out what wedgie you deserve

Are YOU deserving of a wedgie that will leave you sore for weeks or should you just get a mellow wedgie. Take my quiz to find out what wedgie YOU deserve

Created by: Person1

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are there people here to give you a wedgie
  2. How many wedgies have you gotten in the last year (includes self wedgies)
  3. Do you like wedgies
  4. Have you been bullied
  5. What are you
  6. Do you like this quiz(will not effect awnser)
  7. What ethnicity are you
  8. Do you like homework
  9. How do you think your doing
  10. Do you like anime
  11. Ask somebody around you do that say your...
  12. Which reference do you understand

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Quiz topic: What wedgie should I get