What type of wedgie should you give your little brother?

If you have a little brother, chances are he has done something in his life and currently deserves a good wedgie. What kind of wedgie should you give him? A quick, normal wedgie, or a painful hanging wedgie?

Whether it's his first wedgie or his 100th wedgie, the wedgie that results from this quiz will be sure to get a great reaction ojt of him. Laughing, crying, groaning... you name it! Good luck!

Created by: Jake

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  1. Is your younger brother annoying?
  2. What type of underwear does your little brother wear?
  3. Does your little brother like to walk around the house in his undies?
  4. Have you given your little brother wedgies before?
  5. Is your little brother a tattle-tale?
  6. Where do wedgies hurt the most?
  7. Do you think your brother deserves a wedgie?
  8. Will you comment what wedgie you have to give your brother?
  9. Will you honestly give your brother the wedgie this quiz says he should get?
  10. Do you enjoy wedgies?

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Quiz topic: What type of wedgie should I give my little brother?