how should u do ur hair today

how should you do your hair by the way this is a fun quiz take it I worked hard on this and your hair can eplain alot of your personality find out by taking this quiz

this quiz explains your personality and how you should do your hair today I hope any body who does this quiz likes it it took me quite a while so any body please take this quiz

Created by: crazychic
  1. whats your fav color
  2. what are you wearing today
  3. roleplay time
  4. you r in class what r u doing
  5. wich one are you most like
  6. what are your grades in school??
  7. what are your grades in school??
  8. wich is your fav
  9. whats your fav dog
  10. if you had 2 get highlites what color would you get
  11. whic is your fav
  12. pick your fav
  13. whats your fav band

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