How Scared Are You

Do kids pick on you because they think your scared of every thing heres your chance to prove them right or wrong.How do i know if your scared.Well in this simple quiz.In a matter of minutes you will know all the answers to if your scared or not.

So are you scared.Do you have the soiled pants to be made fun of?Or do you have the man power to make the quiz show i'm not a scaredy cat.Thanks to this great quiz in a matter of minutes you will find out.

Created by: Jesse
  1. What are you more afraid of
  2. Which is more frightning
  3. If a killer clown with a chainsaw came up to you what would you do
  4. Would you walk through a graveyard alone at night with no weapons.And you heard noises.
  5. If a wrestler like umaga started to scream at you would you run
  6. How easlily do you take if you see blood
  7. Would you go into a real haunted place.
  8. Now seriously do you have nightmares fter a scary movie.
  9. Would you be to nervous to ask out a girl/boy.
  10. Do you ever make prank phone calls.
  11. If someones bullying you, you
  12. Which is a scary movie character
  13. Do gothic kids scare you
  14. Did this this quiz scare you

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