who are you, really?

these are some questions you may have never asked yourself. Maybe becauseyou were scared, and maybe just because who the hell would think to ask themselves this crap?

Go through the test, choose a or b and at the end tally up all your 'a' answers. then check out what kind of person you REALLY are. Don't be scared...

Created by: Jennifer Dodson of this site
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  1. Dogs or Cats?
  2. humor or intelligence?
  3. popsicles or ice cream?
  4. Outside- barefoot or shoes?
  5. bong or blunt?
  6. joint or pipe?
  7. champagne or wine?
  8. pepsi or coke?
  9. crank or coke?
  10. cocoa or coffee?
  11. nature trail or museum?
  12. plants- real or artificial?
  13. mushrooms or acid?
  14. overhead or lamp?
  15. cheetos or doritos?
  16. board or bike?
  17. rap or country?
  18. river or lake?
  19. nude or pajamas?
  20. underwear? n/y
  21. sex-airplane or elevator?
  22. dance or sing?
  23. diggie-style or her on top?
  24. sex- morning or night?
  25. comedy night or live music?
  26. drive or ride?
  27. is pot a drug? n/y
  28. tequilla or yeager?
  29. sculpture or canvas?
  30. movies or books?
  31. sweatshirt or sweater?
  32. papa roach or papa smurf?

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Quiz topic: Who am I, really?