are you scared?

there are many people who are scared of scary movies. are you really scared of scary movies? take this quiz to find out. and also dont get a bad dream about it when its bed time.

do you have what it takes to be scared? then take this quiz guys and girls. hope you wont be surpised with your eyes or you will be screaming through your lungs. oh boy.

Created by: scared... ahh!

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  1. do you watch a show called "truth or scare" from discovery kids?
  2. have you ever seen a ghost?
  3. caterpillers are cute.
  4. do you like candy?
  5. what candy do you like?
  6. are you scared of spiders?
  7. do you watch "miss spiders sunnypatch" on noggin?
  8. can you count to 100?
  9. do you like new years day?
  10. school is fun.
  11. have you ever invited a friend to a sleep over at your house?
  12. when a boy takes your friend in elemantary school, what do you do?
  13. do you have brand new shoes?

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Quiz topic: Am I scared?