Scared of Syringes? Face your Fears!

When I was a child my parents used to threaten me with nurses and syringes but now that I've grown old, I give injections myself. There are fun facts yet to be learned about this "fear factor". Find out if you know some of it by taking the test!

Scared of Syringes? Scared of getting injections? Face your Fears! Take this test and learn more about it! Find out if you know some of the fun facts in injections and syringes! Good Luck!

Created by: Kristen

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  1. Choose the statement that doesn't describe Intradermal Injections.
  2. These are the sites of Intradermal injection except:
  3. The needle angle and the bevel's position during administration of Intradermal injections.
  4. These needle gauges are used in intradermal injections and subcutaneous injections:
  5. Which of the following descriptions is not true about Subcutaneous Injections?
  6. These are sites of Subcutaneous Injections except:
  7. Which of the following statements are true about the needle angles during Subcutaneous Injections?
  8. In Intramuscular Injections, the drug is administered into the muscle tissues for the following reasons except:
  9. The sites for Intramuscular Injections are Ventrogluteal, Dorsogluteal, Vastus Lateralis, Rectus Femoris Sites and:
  10. It has the most rapid route of absorption of medications but the most dangerous because once injected can never be retrieved.
  11. A solution which is compatible with body tissues and one in which red blood cells can be placed without causing them to shrink and swell. And its example is:
  12. _______, a hypertonic solution causes the cell to ______.
  13. ________, a hypotonic solution causes the cell to ________.
  14. It is a method of IV administration whereby the instillation of parenteral drug takes a period of several hours.
  15. It is a method of IV administration whereby the parenteral administration of medication is in a relatively short period usually within a matter of minutes or 1 hour.
  16. This falls under Intermittent Administration except:
  17. Which of the following is not used to refer or term "volume control set"?
  18. A volume control set is used to:
  19. Which site of Intramuscular Injections is contraindicated for children below 3 years old?
  20. When cleaning the site with alcoholized cotton balls, why do we allow 15 seconds for it to dry before injecting the drug?

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Quiz topic: Scared of Syringes? Face my Fears!