How Salsa Are You?

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How do you rate on the dancefloor? Do you have the moves to turn heads or stomachs. Is it a case of dancing queen or is it murder on the dancefloor? We need to know.

Find out if you are a salsa dancer or a morris dancer, latin mover or non-mover. Do you have snake hips or replacement hips. If you know your cha cha from your bachata we need to find your salsa rating.

Created by: Steve of Sweet Salsa
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  1. Do you know how long you have been dancing salsa?
  2. Do you book your holidays after checking the local salsa scene?
  3. When shopping for clothes do you choose based on how they will look on the dance floor?
  4. What music is currently in your car's cd player?
  5. How many times a week do you go salsa dancing?
  6. Where is the strangest place you regularly dance?
  7. A clave (pronounce clah-vay) is:
  8. Who is Hector Lavoe?
  9. What comes next? 1,2,3...
  10. What is a dile que no?
  11. Cha Cha is:
  12. Which do you prefer when dancing?
  13. Yambu is:
  14. Which of these is not a salsa term?
  15. What best describes salsa for you?

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Quiz topic: How Salsa am I?