Which Mexican Food Dish Are You?

There are a lot of great-tasting foods out there. Mexican food, in particular, is really good. Each dish seems to have it's own personality. From Enchiladas to guacamole, all are great.

So which are you? Are you simplistic and kind like quesadillas or unpredictable like salsa? Take this quiz and in a few minutes you are sure to find out!

Created by: kmalfoi

  1. Do you often feel misunderstood?
  2. Are you an eviromentalist?
  3. Are you a vegan or vegetarian?
  4. Do you like sports?
  5. Are you crazy or random?
  6. Are you well-liked or popular?
  7. Do you feel liked who you are on the outside is different than who you really are inside?
  8. Are you hot-headed?
  9. Do you enjoy learning about nutrition?
  10. Do you like doing things the traditional way?
  11. Which Harry Potter House are you?

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Quiz topic: Which Mexican Food Dish am I?