Which banquet dish would be more appropriate for you?

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Wow!You are invited to a royal banquet,the king has made you rhe guest of honor!All you can eat diner party!A full on french menue! Top quality food!!

...but!What will you eat?Are you hungry,not so hungry or are you on a strict no-fat diet?Find out in this original top-of-the-range quiz don't be scared to take it!

Created by: jenna
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  1. picture this:you are invited as a guest of honor at the royal banquet at the castle with all the food you can eat!
  2. you start to have a conversation with the cook..
  3. you are offered a small snack on your carrige ride to the castle...
  4. you are given a health roll...
  5. When the waiter comes to write down your order you are horrified to see that it is in french!
  6. the waiter replies:eh..monsiour,eh.. eh..uno momento perfivore'
  7. you see the king walking towards you.
  8. the king stops to talk to a guest,you want to....
  9. you stop at the refreshments table.you...
  10. the king hands you a note..

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