How powerful are you in the force

Star Wars has shown us the battle between the light and dark, sith vs jedi. But in the end it depends on how strong the the person is in the force. So are you strong in the force?

Well are you strong in the force? Are you really worth training by a jedi or sith. Then let me see how deep your knowledge is. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH

Created by: Bernie

  1. What is the force?
  2. How do you enter combat?
  3. Why do you use the force.
  4. Describe yourself
  5. 1-6 dark side, 8-14 light side. 7 neutral. Choose
  6. Best atribute
  7. Do you like this quiz so far?
  8. What do you do to a defeated enemy
  9. How do you increase your power in the force?
  10. How do you fight in combat?

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Quiz topic: How powerful am I in the force