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  • 'Try being yourself'? Brojangles, I be myself and that's why I'm NOT popular. Because only a few people care to be seen with the girl with the Pomeranian pigtails and purple tutu. Who loves My Chemical Romance. But you know what? For two years I've been in four sports, three gifted classes, six other extracurricular activities and still maintain a 4.0. 'Popular' people stab you in the back. True friends stab you in the fron.

  • I got pretty much... Also I am myself!! I really don't care how much friends i have as long as they real and not fake!

  • I got popular...No thank you, I'd rather be a quiet little nerd than a loud popular.*Shrudders at idea of being popular*I'm sorry, but where I live, your idea of popular people isn't at all like the populars at school.Sure, they're attractive, but not really kind, and I'm pretty sure they do whatever seventeen(the magazine) tells them to do.I've seen 3, maybe 4 people, in all of my years of school, that match all of your popular requirements, and they are all intellegent.As for the rest, they will work at McDonalds or the local gas station because they gossiped, teased nerds,took an hour to do make-up, and talked on the phone instead of doing math homework 'because it's stupid'.But anyway, your version of popularaty is great, but it doesn't sound true according to what I've seen.

  • I got popular i am NOT popular because I am myself. I'm what the media calls a nerd and PROUD of it. Popularity means nothing to me. The media controls my generation. I'm a stereotypical nerd. What if the media made that be a good thing. Everyone who cares about their popularity would change. If your popular its because the media says so.

  • Your Result: Popular!

    You are popular for sure! You are attractive, kind, and you be yourself! Kudos to you and welcome to the popularity group! You aren't fake at all, and you are natural! You got talent!

    Thank you, a thank you very much *Elvis lip*

    Missy Prissy Cat

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