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  • A pierogi is a flour dough filled with potato.

    I live IN Wilkes Barre, and there is only one syllable in Wilkes. "Wilkz" would be closer.

    And I lived in Philly for a long time. Yeah you can get a steak wit wiz, but everyone knows that's mostly for the tourists.

    So excuse me for not knowing about downtown Pittsburgh. Anyone who's actually from PA knows that Philly and Pittsburgh are two separate worlds - you're loyal to one and don't get a **** about the other.

  • I agree with everyone. I'm sorry to the person who made this, but how did this quiz get 4 stars? I got 37%. I've lived in different parts of PA all my life except for 8 months when I lived in WI and missed PA terribly. I've lived in Philly, the suburbs of Philly, upstate near Erie, Shchuylkill County and now I live in York County like 40 min from Harrisburg. It's definetely Stee-lerz and EE-gulls. I've never heard anyone pronounce them like that. Not even the PA people who say "dur-ritas" and "winda". And cheeze wiz on a cheesesteak? I answered "when you get it in Philly" because that's the right answer. A cheesesteak on an Amoroso roll you get on the corner at a greasy roach-ridden pizzeria is a real Philly Cheesesteak. Not the nasty s*** they serve at Pat or Gino's. NOT with cheese wiz and NOT with tomato sauce. Gross!

  • For all of the comments correcting you, they're right. How did I get a 37% when I live here? I live in Reading and I'm in my early teens, but these questions make no sense. Then, when I got my result you act as if we're all cowboys or something? I'm sorry, but I don't know the locations of places other than reading (and Antietam) so I guess I'm not Pennsylvania.

    Delete this or get educated and fix it.

  • So I have lived in Pittsburgh my entire life, and I got 27%. Forgive me for not caring about what goes on in philly, but Market Square IS downtown Pittsburgh, end of discussion. I root for Pitt, so I dont know where the disgrace of our state is located ( aka Penn State ). So yea. Also if you like the Eagles and aint from Philly, go drink a beer and let me know when you have come to your senses.

  • Sorry, But a pierogi has a white flour dough (not a potato dough) that is filled with potato blended with cheese. The second most popular is filled with sauerkraut, I often see them with prune filling. The Wilkes in Wilkes-Barre is a single syllable and my cousins there pronounce Barre as Bara.

  • You are a 45% Quaker!

    I literally have lived in Punxsutawney, PA my whole life. And got only a 45%. I don't know what this quiz expected. It depends where you actually live in PA to know some of this stuff. I assume the person who wrote this would've had to do some research. Regardless of where they live they seem like they never even set foot in PA because their pronunciations of things were off.

    t u b b o x
  • 1. Pierogies almost never contain meat, and don't need to be made from potato flour, just unleaven flour

    2. It's EE-gles, not II-gles

    3. It's St-ee-lers, not St-ill-lers. Pitt was a Steel town and then a City, not a Still.

    4. Cheese Whiz is never used on anything, Ever. Especially not on Cheesesteaks. The Creator of Cheesewhiz said "they turned my creation into axel grease"

    5. Go home, you're drunk

  • Cheez wiz!? Whoever wrote this is obviously not from Anywhere near Philly and Never had a real Cheese steak! Probably Up from Scranton where they make Pizza with American cheese and call it "The best pizza there is!" Let me tell you... it's f**$ing gross! And it is Definitely not "Iggles" and "STILL-ers" I've leaved in PA my WHOLE life and it's EE-gles, and STEEL-ers (or damn dirty cheaters).

    • Ik, why. I live in pa rn. I'm Italian and make pierogies every week.and who the f*** are the iggles.ik the EAGLES but not the iggles. Come on, the author must be from another continent to have written the. Btw, anyone who has never had a pcs, needs to drive out there right now and get 50 of them, there will be a small information tax of one cheese steak.

  • None of the pronunciations given for Wilkes Barre is the way we say it. The second sord should be "Barra". And Cheez Whiz IS what makes a Philly cheese steak authentic, but only with onions, NOT with peppers.

  • I got 64% despite being a native Pennsylvanian. I just do not pronounce the teams in your way. I guess that I just do not have the South Philly accent (which is logical, as half of my family is from the South).

  • Excuse me, but do YOU live in Pennsylvania? I live right outside of Pittsburgh and I'm pretty sure I answered these questions correctly. 26%... Do some research before you make a quiz next time

  • I LIVE in Pennsylvania and I just don't know what most of those things are. Next time, do some research before you make this quiz when your from China. OK?

  • Im from harrisburg and only know 22%! People who say "i need to get out more" are wrong! its not your fault! Most of this stuff most pa-ians dont know and this person should have put stuff like "dutch sayings" "pa sayings" "State ______"

    and stuff like that! Dont blame yourselves! Im gonna go make one with some importaint facts!


  • 55%? I live 45 minutes from Pittsburgh! I've been to Philidelphia, I've been to Penn State many times! I was born and raised here in the suburbs surrounding Pittsburgh.

  • Ok, having grown up outside Philly, the pronunciations in this quis are totally WRONG! Also, no one in Philly puts cheese wiz on a Philly Cheese steak- this quiz is retarded. 47%? I guess I must not be from here lol.

  • Wow. You pronounced Eagles and Steelers wrong. I have relatives in/from Pittsburgh AND Philly, and I was born, and still live in, PA

  • 27%?!

    I live four hours away from I can't answer those questions.

    I think I got the Pittsburgh questions right...

    I'm an hour away from there.
    Ive lived in PA for my whole life!

  • What??? I got all 'dem apples right and all I got was a 50% correct. AND I'm eating a cheese steak from Tony Luke's. Also, I'm NOT a quaker! I hate this and have already rated this 0!

  • I'm originally from oxfordshire england but ive lived here since i was 2 and the rest of my family has lived around lancaster for forever so its dissapointing that i only got a 55

  • AMAZING that people comment that there is no Cheez Whiz in a Philly cheese steak, since that is the thing that makes it a true PHILLY CHEESE STEAK!

  • Welp that sucks cause Im from Pennsylvania and I still live here

  • This had me laughing so hard everything was so true.

  • I am actually from Pittsburgh, Pa I just know the proper way to say things

  • You're kdding right? I hate to break it to you but I LIVED in philly, have family in Philly I visit often, and live only 20 mins away. Tthis is one God-awful quiz.

  • I'm literally from Pennsylvania and in LANCASTER COUNTY. How the hell am I supposed to know all this stuff?


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