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  • Could you date me? [girls only]
    [published: Nov 11, 2015]

    This is a quiz about dating. Specifically, Dating me. It is obviously not a true test to see if……

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  • I'm leaving GTQ.......
  • hey ?
    "I'm a Pennsylvania I'm a Czechoslovak-American"
  • hey ?
    "our school didn't used to have a block. And then it had a block that only blocked things that needed to be blocked. "
  • The silver moon
    "Coal was surprised... Apparently this Girl saw him. He lifted up a crystal ball, and looked into it, trying to discern an image on th"
  • hey ?
    "Random songs? pandora.com/station/play/2894809169022763323 copy paste it :3"
  • "I got one for telling what is known in school as the school asshat that I was going to kill him. by standing on a seat (I was only 3 5'' at ..."
  • ~Tears Of Blood~
    "Hunterirl I could use a response on "Silver Moon" unless you want to wait till tomorrow"
  • Take my ne poll
    "copy paste the link. If I linked it it would have said [no urls] because this site is dumb"
  • Take my ne poll
    "Pangolins are majestic armor-plated anteaters that are almost extinct due to the meat being used as food for literally no reason"
  • Take my ne poll
    "i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/03180/pangolin_3180820b.jpg apparently Prince Williams most favorite animal. "
  • Take my ne poll
    "what are gross looking?"
  • Take my ne poll
    "You don't have Pangolins on there ;-; Google is trying to tell me pangolins don't exist ;-;"
  • ~Tears Of Blood~
    "why hello there."
  • Come chateth with me
    "No weed. It puts holes in your brain."
  • The silver moon
    "Coal pulled out a small dagger, as he looked at the mist above Natalya's brother's body, invisible to Natalya His spirit was "

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