How Québecois are you?

Do you know your Quebec? I hope so. Do you know how many are true Quebecer? 8 millions. Hope you can be the next. Quebec isn't all about sovereignty. There is plenty more about our culture.

Do you know your Quebec? Did you come visit us once? Maybe at Montreal or Quebec City. Take this quiz and see if you know enough of our Quebecer Culture, and in a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: QuebecsRepresentant
  1. Which of these cities is the most populous?
  2. Which of these cities isn't in Québec?
  3. Who is the actual Prime Minister of Québec?
  4. Which of these cities is the capital of Québec?
  5. In which of these cities is Cascades headquartered?
  6. How many regions are there in Québec?
  7. If you travel Québec-Montreal, which highway do you take? There are two possible answers.
  8. In which year was the 2nd referendum?
  9. Which of these mottos is the one that are on the licence plates?
  10. In the election in 2014, which political party won?
  11. Which is the national flower?
  12. Which is the national tree?
  13. Which is the national animal?
  14. Which fact isn't true?
  15. Who is the official mascot of the Carnaval d'Hiver de Québec?
  16. Which region is mainly inhabited?
  17. Where is the largest gannet colony of the world?
  18. Which of these cities is the only walled city north of Mexico?
  19. In which region can we collect fruits and veggies?
  20. Which of these singers is native in Québec?
  21. Who is the inventor of the snowmobile (or Skidoo)?
  22. You are from Vermont and you are traveling to Sherbrooke. (One of the largest english speaking cities in Québec) Which highway do you take when you are in Québec?
  23. Which of these famous hockey players isn't from Québec?
  24. How many km of walls surround Old Québec?
  25. The most photographed hotel is in Québec City? Which one?
  26. The oldest grocery store in America is in Québec City. What is the name of this store?
  27. What happened in 1998?
  28. Which of these cities is in Québec?
  29. Which of these banks is nicknamed ''La Caisse''
  30. How many of the world's fresh water reserves are in Québec?
  31. Where is the largest underground hydroelectric power plant in the world?
  32. When did the Montreal Metro opened?
  33. What is the amusement park in Montreal called?
  34. Which company operates the Metro?
  35. Bet you don't know: what is the name of the soccer team in Montreal?
  36. What is the name of the downtown part of the underground city?
  37. What region is nicknamed the ''Quebec sovereignty movement heartland''
  38. Which of these cities is the English Québec cultural Capital?
  39. In Québec, in which primary school grade can you do Intensive English, in which students do 5 months of English learning and can't talk French and the other half, you learn French, Maths and other stuff?
  40. There are two english universities in Québec. Which answer is right?
  41. Did you luv that quizz?

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