Calvinist or Arminian?

Many people have argued God's sovereignty vs. man's free will for ages. I'm talking about Calvinism vs. Arminiansm. Which is true? Does God predestine or do we have free will?

Which are you? Are you a Calvinist? Or are you and Arminian? Do you believe in the ultimate sovereignty of God or the human responsibility of man? Come find out.

Created by: Ben Booth
  1. Do you hold to the view that men are totally depraved and can make no effort toward their salvation?
  2. What is your viewpoint on the doctrine of election and predestination?
  3. Do you affirm the doctrine of double predestination or unconditional reprobation, and that God has also predestined some to spend eternity in hell, simply because of his will?
  4. Has God already predestined everything that will take place in this world, including sin?
  5. Did Jesus die for every person in the world on the cross?
  6. What does the term "world" mean in John 3:16?
  7. Can the grace of God effectively be resisted?
  8. Does God draw everyone to himself, or just some?
  9. What do you believe about the term "prevenient grace"?
  10. Do you believe in the doctrine of Eternal security, that once saved, a believer can never turn away?
  11. Does regeneration precede faith?

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