Calvinism vs Arminianism Spectrum

There are many view points on how a sinner is saved. Does man have a free will? Or does God predestine who will be saved and who will go to hell? Or is there a middle ground?

Take this quiz and find out what you believe about the great debate of Calvinism and Arminianism that has been around since the early church. Do you believe man is free, or is God completely sovereign?

Created by: Ben Booth
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  1. Do you believe that God is the author of sin?
  2. Do you believe that God has predetermined everything that happens in the world, including sin?
  3. Has God given man a free will?
  4. Do you believe that God elects individuals to salvation not based on their faith, but based on God's mercy?
  5. Do you believe in Double Predestination, that those who are not elected to salvation are predestined to hell?
  6. Do you believe that just as God works belief in the hearts of the elect, that he works unbelief in the hearts of the non-elect?
  7. Does God actively predestines men to hell?
  8. Do you believe that God's decree to elect logically precedes his decree of the fall.
  9. Do you believe in substitutionary atonement, that Jesus died in the place of sinners?
  10. Did Jesus die for everyone on the cross?
  11. Did the cross have intentions for all?
  12. Does regeneration logically proceed faith?
  13. Do you believe that man cooperates with God in salvation?
  14. Is faith a gift from God?
  15. Do you believe that God through the work of the Holy Spirit calls all man and that this drawing is resistible?
  16. Do you believe that it is possible for someone to lose their salvation?
  17. Do you believe in common grace, that God has a good will towards all?
  18. Does God love everyone?
  19. Does God hate those who will never believe.
  20. Should we evangelize to everyone?
  21. Is the elect in some sense eternally justified?
  22. Does God desire to save the reprobate?

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