Are you a true Montreal-er?

How much of a Montrealer are you? Do you visit the City often? If so, take this quiz and find out how much you really know about Montreal - its people, culture and other things.

How much of a Montrealer are you? Do you live in Montreal? Do you think you can take this quiz and pass? Prove to your friends that you are a true Montrealer!

Created by: Armen
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  1. During the week what day are gas prices usually cheaper?
  2. Where would you normally ask for a double-double?
  3. You're on the 40 and someone cuts you off (not that this is unusual).. you're first reaction is to..
  4. Which metro station would you avoid at all costs at midnight?
  5. When is the best day of the year to call around for a new apartment?
  6. If someone is asking you where the washroom is, they want the..
  7. How long can it take to find a parking spot downtown on Friday at approximately 10pm:
  8. You're at a bar with friends from the office on Thursday... you are probably at a:
  9. Your buddy asks where the switch for the garberator is? They are talking about something in the..
  10. The best poutine can be purchased at..
  11. Where can the Tam-Tams be found?
  12. St. Lawrence boulevard is also known as ...
  13. Where is the Village located?
  14. You want to sharpen your ice skates... where would you take them?
  15. When someone asks you if you can pick them up from Peel Station, they are referring to..
  16. The light is RED and you can turn right.. you are most likely in:
  17. In September you would most likely get a letter from which one of the following:

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Montreal-er?