How Montreal are you?

Ah montreal! You know, the city in Quebec, Quebec in Canada, Canada North to the USA... Its language, its nightlife, its people, and everything else, so much things to now about this charming city of south Quebec!

Are you Montreal? I mean, really really are a true one, bleeding bleu blanc rouge? if yes, how much?! Take this quiz to know in a few minutes if you are!

Created by: amazon
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  1. What is "Le vieux montreal" (old montreal)?
  2. Why are the Montreal Canadiens called "habs"?
  3. What are the lines color in Montreal's metro?
  4. What is Montreal's first language?
  5. What is Concordia?
  6. What is the legal drinking age in montreal?
  7. If you're on the corner of St.Laurent Street and St.Catherines around 10PM, what are you doing?
  8. Did you ever visit Montreal?
  9. Where are playing the Montreal Canadiens?
  10. If during election you see "yes" and "no" everywhere, that means they're voting for "yes" or "no"...
  11. If you want to buy the cool clothes of the moment, wich street should you go?
  12. What is montreal most known like?
  13. What is "La parade sur Ste-Catherine"

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Quiz topic: How Montreal am I?