would i date you [im a redneck girl]

made this because i was bored and wanted to see what id get.post a comment if you wanna date . ill tell ya few things bout myself.this are hints kinda.

i like to hunt and fish i shoot,i go muddin when i can in my dads pick up im a 14 year old girl.and i have no clue what else to say so bye for now i guess.And please no lieing be honest ans sory if my quiz sucks its my first one

Created by: hunter girl521

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  1. what is your favorite color?
  2. were do you live?
  3. Are you 14-16?
  4. whats your favorite type of music?
  5. do you like to hunt or fish?
  6. are you mean
  7. do you think you are a redneck? (wont count for score)
  8. what do you think would be a good place to go for a first or second date ??
  9. i just wanna say this. Im 15, love horses im from FL, love guns,fishin,hunting, an country music. I work on my aunts farm sometimes
  10. are you a country or city folk?
  11. would you date me?

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