How much redneck are you

This quizz is about rednecks so if you atr not a redneck you might want to take a different quizz so you dont mess up and think you're so cool that you're a redneck but you aren't

Are you a redneck? Do you have the strength to take rhe quizz?If you think you can take the qizz then take just in a few minutesyou will find out what you are missing about

Created by: kim

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What truck/car do u want or have
  2. What do you drink
  3. What color do you like
  4. What's your favorite print
  5. What Music are you into
  6. Whats Your favorite dog breed
  7. What House would you live in
  8. What would you like to hunt with
  9. What animal do you like
  10. Do u like to go mudding

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Quiz topic: How much redneck am I