How redneck are ya

There are many redecks out there. But how redneck exactly are you. This test will tell you exactly how redneck you truly are. Take the quiz to see how redneck you are

How redneck are you. This test will tell you just how redneck you truly are. If you arent redneck at all. Don’t ever talk to me. If you are full blown redneck give me a call anytime

Created by: Jacoby flatts
  1. When you kill a deer or turkey or whatever your huntin. Who guts and cleans it
  2. When your fishin. Who puts the bait on your hook
  3. When your driving what do u prefer
  4. What is your favorite
  5. If you chose hunting last question. Then what kind of hunting
  6. If you whose fishing in question 6 what do u normally fish for
  7. What kinda of gun do you use while hunting
  8. Do u fish off boats mostly or land
  9. When you are bored what do you do
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz. No effect

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