Yankee or redneck

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This quiz is only a little joke to see if your a northern or southern but you will probably do well good luck and have fun with it I hope you enjoy this quiz

Do you think you are a redneck of a Yankee well this failure of a quiz will show you not the best results in the world it's only a stupid online quiz anyway

Created by: Danny

  1. Would you rather have a sports car or a truck
  2. Would you rather live in New York or Georgia
  3. Do you support the second amendment
  4. Would you join the confederates or union
  5. Who was better General Robert E Lee or Ulysses S Grant
  6. Which type of music is better country or R&B
  7. Dirt road or paved road
  8. Back woods or big city
  9. Johnny reb or billy yank
  10. Brantley Gilbert or snoop dog

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