Are you a redneck

Have you ever wondered if you're a redneck? What is a redneck? Are you a redneck? If so how much of a redneck are you? If you have ever wondered if any of those things are true this test is for you.

Rednecks come in many different types. There are Appalachain rednecks (like me), cajun rednecks, western rednecks, and even northern rednecks. This test won't tell you that but I'm sure that there is another test for that.

Created by: Tom Hamman

  1. How many stars are on the confederate flag?
  2. Your favorite sport is
  3. Kenny Chesney wears a
  4. Kenny Chesney wears a
  5. Jason Aldean wears a
  6. Trace Adkins wears a
  7. Eric Church wears a
  8. What is a Holler
  9. What is your favorite beer?
  10. At which of these stores do you buy hunting gear
  11. What is your favorite dog breed
  12. What is your opinion on the confederate flag
  13. What is a muzzleloader
  14. What is your favorite truck brand
  15. Who is known as the king of country
  16. Who sung sweet home Alabama
  17. Who is your favorite president listed
  18. What clique were you in during high school
  19. Do you think rednecks are only in the south
  20. What do you think the word redneck means

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Quiz topic: Am I a redneck