How much Redneck are you?

Real Rednecks are a different breed! They stand up for what they believe in and are not shy about it! Let's see how you stack up! The character of the people of different regions of the United States varys greatly. Where do you fit into the puzzle?

The differences of people around the country vary from place to place. It takes someone special to be a redneck. Could you be a redneck? Is there something about rednecks that facinate you people? Try this quiz to see just how you stack up.

Created by: Paul J WIlliams

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  1. Do you have 2 or more vehicles in your yard that don't run?
  2. Are any of your belongings held together with Duct Tape?
  3. Does your family have a bondsman on call when you have a family get-together?
  4. At a family gathering are you more likely to hear this....
  5. Have you ever driven the lawn mower or tractor to the store?
  6. What would you find on the Sunday Table?
  7. Is anyone in your family known as Billy Bob, Joe Bob, etc?
  8. What would mom say?
  9. Do you know what a kiver is?
  10. Do you have a.....

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Quiz topic: How much Redneck am I?