Are you a Attack On Titan fan

There are so many type of anima like Naruto, Bleach, One Peice, Sailor Moon, then there is the one an only Attack On Titan the best anima ever and Naruto is the second best.

Are you a true Attack On Titan fan?! If so take this quiz and find out if you're a true fan if fail I hate you a lot now!! Jk Fyi that means just kidding:).

Created by: Bluestar
  1. Who is the main person
  2. Where did the colossal titan attack 1st
  3. Where did the colossal titan attack 2nd
  4. What did Eren dad promise him when got back
  5. Are Mikasa and Eren related
  6. When did Eren turn into a Titan
  7. Who was the female Titan
  8. Who was called "Patao girl"
  9. Why could Eren not turn into a Titan at the exams
  10. Why was Eren swallowed

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Quiz topic: Am I a Attack On Titan fan