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This quiz is about the show Attack on Titan. I made it to see if you guys watched it and know a lot about this show! The quiz tells you if you need to continue watching the show, or need to finish it.

This quiz will show you how much you know Attack on Titan AND if you're a true fan. Some people might not have finished watching the show and might need to.

Created by: Michelle
  1. Who's the main character?
  2. Who's the Colossal titan?
  3. Who's the armoured titan?
  4. Which character is obsessed with titans?
  5. Which character LOVES cleaning?
  6. In season 2, what happened to Erwin's arm?
  7. What titan can talk?
  8. Who does Reiner like?
  9. What is Krista's real name?
  10. How old is Levi?

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