How much do you know about "Attack On Titan"

Attack On Titan is one of the best animes ever! So let's test your knowledge. Many people have died facing Titans but you will take on this test! Come victorious!!!!

If you love Attack On Titan test your brain on this quiz! Make them proud by defeating this quiz! be a fan and see what you know about this brilliant series❤️

Created by: Titan slayer

  1. What are the three main characters (Ik there are many but the first introduced)
  2. Who died first
  3. What are the color of Mikasa's eyes
  4. Who can turn into a Titan
  5. Who beat up Eren during trial
  6. How many Titan kills does Mikasa have (including teams)
  7. What blocked the gate when Eren turned into a titan
  8. Armin says what that stops the female Titan from killing his team
  9. What is Annie stuck in
  10. How many episodes are in attack on Titan

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about "Attack On Titan"