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  • My OC is Mist paw, a grey and white she-cat that has blue eyes. She is very adventurous and mischievous and has a lot of friends in her clan (Skyclan). When she grows up she becomes a leader of sky clan and a good one!

    Backstory: her backstory was normal, she was born to her two parents: Hybrid fur and Grey flower, she trained as an apprentice and got close to a cat called Pine paw, who later became Pine heart. They became mates after Mist paw became Mist star, (Her warrior name was Mist Wish).

    They had one kit: Wish kit, a grey and white she-kit with green eyes.

    (Pine heart was a siamese with green eyes) Sorry if this is too long ;-;

  • My OC's name is Marshcloud. She is cream-furred with brown points and amber eyes, a warrior of ThunderClan. Her suffix came from her daydreamer personality (head always in the clouds). As an apprentice, Marshpaw was slightly jealous of her sister Sunnypaw, who had good looks and a bright smile- an all-around perfect cat from the perspective of most of her Clanmates. 2 toms around Marshpaw's age had crushes on Sunnypaw- Bladepaw and Goldpaw. Unfortunately, they both knew this and constantly got into arguments. Sunnypaw was a troublemaker and favoured Bladepaw because he was similar. They would throw pebbles at the dens every night and sneak back in. Most times Bladepaw got caught solely but was too head-over-heels for Sunnypaw to give her away. Marshpaw knew and this angered her, along with the fact that Goldpaw was becoming very self-conscious. One day Goldpaw and Bladepaw got into a a real, physical fight. Marshpaw was forced to watch this drama from the sidelines, too afraid to speak up. That night, Sunnypaw said she was going to explore outside of Clan territory. Marshpaw was mad as well as tired and refused, not bothering to stop her sister. That night, Sunnypaw went missing. After a half-moon of searching for the lost apprentice, the Clan gave up and moved on from Sunnypaw, almost forgetting her. This might have seemed like a dream come true for a younger Marshpaw, but she started to fill herself with guilt, as if everything was her fault and she could have prevented the situation. Worse, Marshpaw started to fill in Sunnypaw's shoes as the "popular one." It felt fake.

    Marshpaw became Marshcloud along with the other apprentices. She "tried" to train an apprentice in the future even though she woul always start daydreaming. She eventually falls in love with the ShadowClan warrior Splinterclaw and they raise an abandoned kit named Lucky together. They would later learn this was the daughter of Sunnypaw, still alive somewhere out in the wild, living with her mate G

  • Name: Willowfrost soon to be Willowstar
    Age: 2

    Description: Pale gray she-cat blue/green eyes. very smooth fur a torn ear and white stockings on all her paws.

    Clan: SeaClan(A made up OC clan)

    story: Willowfrost grew up to be a fine warrior mentoring her first apprentice, Peachpaw.Frostpaw was to be her apprentice but after an accident it all changed. The medicine cat, Troutfoot had a prophecy of a frozen willow tree. He saw Fernleaf's kits and Willowfrost appeared carrying the kits to saftey.He sent Willowfrost to go find Fernleaf's kits.when Oceanstar died Fernleaf took on as leader choosing Willowfrost as her deputy.Willowfrost's mate was Seafog and she had 8 kits, Stoneshine, Pebblestar,Snowflurry,Birdpaw,Lilacstream,Stripedtiger,Nightkit,and Dewlight. Willowstar lost her last life peacefully in the leader's den staring up at the frozen willow tree.

  • My OC's name is Virgo, she's part of a rogue group. She is blue-black with a bit of white on her tail and has one green eye and one blue eye. She is deputy and her best friend got exiled from their group. Shenis mainly nice but when she's mad it isn't pretty. Thanks for making this quiz!

    • my oc is Frostedthorn, she's a shadowclan cat in a alternative universe. She as a bully who ended up relizing the harm she caused and stoped hanging out with her siblings. She was forced to chose loyaltys when it came out that her father was not dustpelt the deputy of shadowclan but crowfrost the deputy of windclan and dustpelts former mate. She died as a young warrior killed by deathberries in a plot against her best friend. She went to starclan and waited for her best friend to join her, but im thinking about turning her slighty evil in death, out of rage and jealousy as she watches her clanmates grow old.

    • Virgo sounds like a very interesting character! I would like to hear a lot more backstory, but she isn't a Mary Sue from what I've seen. Room for improvement, but good for now.

  • Crimson'Fire, Im writing a book about her experiences, but When she was a kit, her sister White'Fire fell in love with her brother Dawn'Fang, and he turned her down, (Cuz who would date their sister -.-) thus White killed her whole family, Then it got worse and worse for Crimson, then she met Cinder'Night, Almost comitted suicide, they both pretty much died but didnt die, then they confessed that they loved each other, yada yada yada... then white forces their other sister autumn to fake her own death and help white try to murder them, lovey romance turns into creepy horror, then cinder get severly injured and crimson has to face white, and Thus she gets incredibly mad finding out white killed her family and turns into a giant phoenix dragon thing and kills white, then gets all pshyco because she killed her sister, then she passes out and they both wake up in one of the clans (havent decided yet/whichever one is in a rp at the time) and they find a nice cave, settle down and have kits :> no idea how many, just however many people are willing to play as them... and yeah! Happy story! But something else might happen not sure tho... Reply if you have any ideas!

  • My OC is LunarStar.

    LunarStar is a she-cat with white fur and black paws, black on her tail tip, and on her snout, her eyes are purple and yellow,

    Her friends and family were killed by an unknown she-cat that is later identified to be a reincarnation of LunarStar, her name is MoonFur(soon becomes MoonStar), LunarStar is from CelestialClan, CelestialClan is a unown Clan to outside clans other than the 6 elimental clans, LunarStars mom is Magicpaw(also known as basket) MagicPaw was a Kitipet before she met her father FireTooth, FireTooth is a completely white Tom-cat with forseaing powers, MagicPaw is a she-cat with black fur and a white heart patern on her chest, LunarStar has 6 Siblings, 1. CelestialFur (she-cat with jet black fur and yellow eyes just like her father) 2. HollowHeart(she-cat with white fur and black heat prints and brown eyes like her mother). 3. WindPaw (Tom-cat with white fur and small tufts of black fur). 4. BlossomKit (she-cat with white fur and tan paws) 4. CherryKit (she-cat BlossomKits twin looks just like BlossomKit) 5.StarKit (Tom-cat completely white cat). All of these characters are characters that have been used for wof (wings of fire), and as anime characters. But they are my original characters.

    • Im planing on making a series of books about LunarStar and her friends.

  • My OC is named Skypaw, and her warrior name will be Skyfall. She's not a supermajor character, but she's not exactly a background character either.

    Skypaw has a silvery gray pelt, with darker freckles on her cheeks, and small dark splotches on her rump. She has very pale, icy blue eyes. Skypaw has many deep scars that cover her body, especially her throat. She is mute.

    One day, a senior warrior named Snowstorm was out hunting alone. She heard the fierce cry of a hawk and saw one carrying a small, scrawny kit. The hawk was soaring high above, but not high enough for Snowstorm to be unable to see the kit smothered in blood. The hawk must have been digging its talons into the poor little kit. Snowstorm climbed up a tree as high as possible, walked out onto an open branch, and leaped at the hawk. She knew that if she missed, she could be possibly falling to her death. Even though Snowstorm was older, she was still agile. Her claws sunk into the hawk's back, and she kicked ferociously at it. The hawk began to loosen its grip on the kit as it started to droop, unable to fly under the large she-cat's weight. One at a safer distance, Snowstorm grabbed the kit and jumped to the ground. She raced back to the RiverClan camp as fast as she could and immediately went to the medicine cat's den. The medicine cat immediately started treating the little kit, but she had lost a lot of blood. From that day on, Snowstorm cared for the kit as best as she could, and loved her as if she was her own. (Snowstorm was unable to have kits, which is why the connection between her and the kit, now named Skykit, had such a strong bond.) Eventually, the wounds healed but left many scars across Skykit. She was also mute due to the injuries. By the time she had healed, though, she was well over 6 moons and fully welcomed into RiverClan. No one knew if she originally came from a Clan, or was abandoned by a rouge, but RiverClan knew she was too young to remember anything but RiverClan. She began her

    • Please do not steal my OC. I worked hard to create her. Oh, and by the way, she is based on a book character from a series I am writing.

  • this has three parts with three different characters, all of which are littermates.

    first we have Shatterpaw, who will become Shatterwing. she is the one i did the quiz for. she is highly reserved about all of her emotions, hiding them behind an indifferent facade. she is highly caring but shows it almost only to her brother, Pinepaw. she is very focused on her training, but stays calm even when she fails.

    her mentor is Splashstream, a young warrior. she is very very open to physical affection, and will always reciprocate it (just like me). (1/3)

    • second is Pinepaw. he is very sweet and gentle, but will do anything to protect his littermates. he is very open with his feelings, unlike his sister, Shatterpaw. his mentor is Roselight, an albino senior warrior and lover to Duskstar. he feels really bad when he messes up and just wants everyone to be happy. he is sometimes distracted by the medicine cat apprentice, Silverpaw, whom he cant help but crush on. he is very calm in comparison to his other sister, Buzzpaw. (sorry this was short. 2/3)

    • last is Buzzpaw. she is by far the most energetic of her littermates, and is almost always cheerful. easily excitable and distractible, she is quite a hassle for calm, laid back senior warrior Goldeneye to train. she gets over her self-disappointment for failing in a matter of minutes, for she'll always get distracted by something pretty. but, this will come to an end soon, when the moon is new. she will suffer a severe brain injury caused by head trauma, and nothing will ever be the same for her. while in the medicine den, her mother and younger siblings, Honeykit and Petalkit, she wakes up highly dazed and confused. she then mistakes her younger sisters for prey and- i think you know what happens next. she would be executed that night, the night before her naming ceremony. she will watch over her clan as a spirit, unable to reach the afterlife. her siblings gain their warrior names the next morning; Pineheart and Shatterwing. (sorry this one was dark. 3/3)

    • (i forgot to describe them lol)

      Buzzpaw; a golden/cinnamon tabby longhair with amber eyes.

      Shatterpaw; a small silver tabby shorthair with both speckles and stripes and amber eyes.

      Pinepaw; a reddish-brown tabby shorthair with forest green eyes.

    • i meant to say her mother and siblings visit but my brain went nah

  • My OC is a short furred brown tom with amber eyes named, Rabbit Foot. He the deputy of a clan named SunClan. Hes a kind tom with a strong leadership characteristic but can get stressed and nervous in the middle of a big conflict.

    The she cat he loves- Meadowlark- doesnt like him back and he constantly tries to hide the sadness of his rejection. Sometimes it gets the best of him and he walks around the territory to blow off steam, and one time he ran into the main villain, Northern Star(North), who uses Rabbit Foot to get insider info about SunClan, then uses Rabbits anger against him so he ends up killing Meadowlark. Meadowlark was the sister of SunClans leader, Swiftstar, so hes thrown into a depression and is put further into that depression when his own son, Snow Shine is accused of the murder and is exiled. North took advantage of the clans weakness and began to terrorize them with his rouges and Rabbit wasnt doing much about it since he was still slightly on the rouges side. Snow Shine was still in the area and over heard North say that Rabbit had killed Meadowlark and revealed it to Swiftstar who got a grip on his clan and exiled Rabbit Foot. Rabbit Foot spent the rest of his life seeking out Snow Shine to kill him but ended up being killed by his own target and ending up in the Dark Forest. (Sorry if this all sounds stupid and sounds a little like Ashfur and Squirrelflight lol)

  • My OC's name is hazelfur she is a sharp-tongued madicine cat a small but powerful body with a brown pelt and green eyes she is very loyal to her clan and will never back down if she has to fight

    Hazelfur is about 29 moons still young but bold and as fierce as a full grown warrior

    Her family include Jayfrost, Dirtpelt, Crowkit, Mosskit, Pondfoot, and Fireclaw.

    She is a clan born cat but driven out from her previous clan, Windclan becuase of her father. her father is dead and her mother is an elder her litter mates are very curious they are almost 6 moons and they will be apprenticed soon. Fireclaw is a warrior and she can tear your ears off if you say the wrong thing, she always has her littermates backs and would never be acused of dis owning her clan. Her other littermate Pondfoot is the clan's deputy much like Fireclaw she would never fail her sisters or her clan. Hazelfur also has a crush on a Riverclan medicine cat though this is forbbiden there is nothing she can do about it. Snowstorm soon runs away from his clan and get attacked by a dog, discovered by Suncloud, who is Hazelfur's friend, runs to get her Snowstorm soon needs to become part of the clan to survive

    So thats all i hope you think this OC is good like i do!

    • My OC is Briarheart (please do not hate her for looking so similar to Briarlight, she is my hero :D)

      Briarheart is a solid dark brown slender she-cat with a slightly darker chest, paws, tail tip, and ear tips. She has sky-blue eyes and a scar on her hind leg. She also has a nick in her left ear

      Her brother is Raintail, a golden brown tabby tom with amber eyes, her mother was Poppyleaf, a brown she-cat with a tinge of red around her tail, and amber eyes, her father was Lionstrike, a gray tabby tom with blue eyes

      When Briarheart was Briarkit, she lost her mother and since it was leaf-bare, she and her brother who was Rainkit at the time almost starved to death. Briarkit and Rainkit were hated since they were accused of leading their mother into a trap for "play" but she was caught by the fox by an accident. Eventually, Sparklight, another queen, offered to suckle them, and they lived with her. Although, Briarheart was scarred for life when her brother, Raintail, went crazy, driven by grief and thinking Briarheart had forgotten their mother. He killed his father for the same reason, and there was no choice - Briarheart had to stop him. She received her scar on her hind leg from him, and the nick in her ear. But eventually, Raintail was trusted enough to join the Clan again, and he never hurt Briarheart again.

    • @autumnleaveslily:

      This is a very good oc! You have good grammar, and a short and sweet explanation for your character. Good job!

  • Here is my OC!
    Name: Flowerpaw / Flowerfur
    Gender: She-cat
    Clan: OC Clan (JungleClan)

    Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice, then Medicine Cat after her mentor retires

    Pelt Coloration: Flowerfur is a tortoiseshell, but different. She is bright orange with gray markings, and white starting in a faint line between her shoulders, then widening as it goes down her back to her tail, resulting in white haunches and tail

    Eye color: Her eyes are a silvery gray-blue color

    Fur length: Her fur is short but very thick

    Body build: She has a long-ish neck, as well as long legs. She was born with half of a tail.

    Mentor: Monkeyfoot (Black tom with an extra toe on each foot; Medicine Cat)

    Parents: [I'm too lazy to think of them]

    Siblings: She has one sister, Snakepelt (Gray-brown she-cat with orange eyes)

    Personality: She is very sweet, but can get easily annoyed [especially by stupid cats]; When she is annoyed, it's best to stay away from her until she's calmed down.

    Other: Very VERY smart; She has a rather strong connection to StarClan; She has a small crush [that she's trying to get over] on Tigerpaw (orange tabby tom with blue eyes)

    Themesong: [N/A]

    Backstory: Flowerkit always had an interest in herbs and healing, and spent any time she wasn't eating, sleeping, or arguing with her sister, in the medicine den. From the time she was about 4 moons old, she had all the basic herbs memorized along with a few extras. When Monkeyfoot asked Flowerkit if she wanted to become his apprentice, Flowerkit was thrilled. Within her first few days of apprenticeship, Flowerpaw had learned all the herbs found in JungleClan territory and had most of them memorized. Flowerfur was given her Clan name the day Snakepelt was made a warrior. A few cats spoke out to this, worried about what StarClan would think, but eventually realized that Flowerfur had an extraordinary connection to StarClan and knowledge of herbs. As Monkeyfoot grew older, Flowerfur found herself correcting her mentor more than he corrected h

  • My oc is a large, fluffy she-cat with russet red fur, with black and white patches in her pelt, and her eyes are a maple-orange shade, giving her the name Maplefall. She is a future deputy of Shadowclan, and is known for her wisdom to the youth, and her spunk for battle.

    She is a lesbian, and her mate, Rosecurl, is a cream colored she with Blue eyes, her fur having a slight curl to it, hence the name she was given. The duo adopted kits that needed families, giving them love and support that they needed. They ended up adopting 4 kits. Crownight, Needlewhisker, Softpaws, and Heartears.

    Maplefall was originally a rogue named Rosette, her mother and father having been two former clan cats who were exiled for treason. They attempted to corrupt her, trying to get her to help their revenge against the clans. Though- she had never wanted that. She loved hearing stories of the clans by her rogue friends, and one day while she was wandering in Shadowclan territory, she stumbled upon another she-cat named Rosepaw. Her and Rosepaw hit it off immediately, and from that day forward vowed to meet each other at that border everyday at Moonrise.

    Sadly, one day they were caught, and Rosette was put before Sleekstar, a slim gray She-Cat with teal eyes, who is known for her quick wits and snarky attitude. She was able to pass a few tests, and was accepted into the clan as Maplepaw. She trained hard under the deputy, Largeflank, that before she knew it she was an official warrior alongside Rosecurl. Probably around 5 months into being a warrior, Rosecurl asked her to be her mate, which she happily accepted.

    She currently is the newest deputy, with her apprentice Hillpaw, and her mate Rosecurl by her side. A few moons after Hillmeadow's warrior ceremony, she was killed in battle by a thunderclan warrior, Cloudbelly. Her son, Heartears now keeps up her legacy by taking her place as deputy, with his apprentice Brokenpaw.

  • I also have another oc from the Tribe of Fallen Snow


    A black, white, grey tabby she cat with unusual but pretty looks and one blue and green eye.

    She used to be a traveler named Memory with her sister, Margay, and brother, Polo.

    A little more than a week after their birth, they weren't given any names until a margay attacked, giving her sister a scar and the new name Margay. Their father, Timber, was fighting alongside his brother, Marco, until Marco died. They were playing marco polo as their favorite game until the margay came. Peachy, their mother's friend, and Howl, their mother, were protecting the kits. Polo got his name because Timber wanted to remember Marco for their favorite game, and Timber was originally going to be named Polo.

    After Marco died, they named Memory in memory of Marco's death.

    As they traveled to the mountains, Timber encountered a group of cats being attacked by bears. He helped them and, unfortunately, died. Memory, Margay, and Polo wanted to join the Tribe of Fallen Snow, but Howl and Peachy decided otherwise and they stayed travelers.

    Polo joined as a guard, Memory joined as a hunter, and Margay joined as a fighter.

    She became good friend with a cat named KinkFoot, but he had a friend who was spoiled and didn't know anything about what was out there except for what was in his Tribe. What kind of fighter was Checkard Hop just because he was popular? Checkard Hop was a brown and white checkard tom.

    7 cats were chosen to find the Tribe that had left to find a safer home yet failed. Four of those cats were from the Tribe of Fallen Snow, KinkFoot finally managed to find a way to get Checkard Hop and Memory River closer. He suggested that Checkard Hop should go, since he was a great fighter and needed to get out more, and MemoryRiver was a great hunter and used to travel. She knew a lot. PerpendicularFlip was suggested by RunningCloud since he was a fast and strong fighter. Chestnut Snap, being one of the healers, was chosen

  • I loved your quiz, but I think one thing is a little weird.

    One time I took the quiz, I had "other" as fur color and "amber" as eye color. I took the quiz again, and I had "grey" as fur color and "yellow" as eye color. The second time, I got a lower score.

    I don't see how the score should be changed if all I did was change the fur color to grey and the eye color to yellow.

  • My oc is Copperspring, a ginger tabby demiboy with blue eyes, they trained as med cat then became a warrior, and they are really sweet to those they love but can be a bit rude/aggressive and is very overprotective. They are in ShadowClan

  • Amber'Thorn: {Eden}

    A slim, tall, very dark grey cat. Pitch black cheek tufts, markings and ears. His muzzle is a yellowish beige, as well as his underfur, and ear fur. He's gloomy as much as he's moody, rude at times, and overall cold.

    Son of Briar'Thorn, the former Shadowclan deputy, and his evil former mate, Yellow'Dune. Eden was born after Yellow'Dune had killed a Thunderclan warrior, and a clanmate's kit, all for Briar'Thorn, in which caused him to leave her in anger for a Thunder'clan she-cat, as she was then exiled out of Shadowclan. She had always raised him alone, mentored him, as Yellow would lie to Eden, convincing him that his father never wanted him, and that he had left his role for another clan. Once he got into warrior age, he found out the truth about the killings, fought with his mother, and accidentally killed her, with a slash to the neck. He ran off, and found Riverclan. After he was welcomed in, he had his clan name, Amber'Thorn, as he made a few friendships, but were distanced once he was chosen as a deputy. He had a great hate towards Thunderclan, as his mother always bad-mouthed the clan. He convinced his leader, Pale'Star, with lies, telling him things about the clan he hated so much, also convincing him to start a raid, and to cut ties. He was convinced for a while, but just before starting the raid, he changed his mind, turning his back on Amber'Thorn. This angered Amber, driving him to kill Pale'Star until his last life and do it himself. Once he became leader, he became stone cold, colder than he had ever been. He made sure he was smart about his doings, and so he was never exiled and was given his star. He had cut ties and started great tension between Thunderclan, which caused problems whenever there would be gatherings, such as cats getting into fights, arguments, etc. This pleased Amber'Thorn, or worse yet, Amber'Star, up until he'd meet his half-blood brother, Vixen'Bird, the son of Briar'Thorn and the Thunderclan

    • she-cat. He was angry at what he had done, and who he had become, therefore Vixen attacked Amber, and Amber had done the same until he had tripped, falling into a patch of roses full of thorns. He somehow managed to survive, gaining multiple scar marks everywhere, and on his nose, just like his father had. He was never found by a clan cat again, and he was once again, Eden.

  • My OC is named Victor! Hes a kitty pet, with a dark green collar that matches his seaweed colored eyes. He is mainly black, with splashes and streaks of white die to his vitiligo. Victors fur is medium length, and quite unkept, yet still generally soft. His personality consists of a constant feeling of guilt, anxiety, mood swings, spite, and general sadness. He never leaves the twoleg place, due to a constant fear of the forests predators. In the past he had a sister, Bianca, who he had grown up with together since they were in their old home. One day, he got into a heated argument with her, and chased her out by accident. She ran into the forest, and was mauled by a fox. Three riverclan cats brought the body to him, and he buried it in the garden. Full of regret, guilt, and loneliness, he promised he wouldnt let himself forget his actions, and set on never repeating his misdeed.

    Hope you liked that! If you wanna give feedback, go right ahead!

  • My OC is Birdwind she's a lesbian and her mate, Featherfall is also a lesbian, duh. But there story is pretty happy! Some parts are pretty bad like,

    Feather had to go on a small mission that made her leave the camp when she comes back, so do some awful cats and they attack them leaving an awful scar on Bird's leg. They take in some kits that didn't have a home because the mother died.

  • My OCs name is Snakestalker! Yes she is in a prophecy but after she fufils it she pretty much becomes a background character, like Firestar. She is a highly respected warrior, even though her and her sister, Swiftwind, are in a bad place with each other. She goes to help some rouges, a small family. A mother and Father named Dice and Sparky, and their three kits, Claw, Streak, and Flutter. When TunnelClan (her clan) comes to rescue her, they kill Flutter, Dice and Sparky. She is forced to leave Claw and Streak to survive on their own. In the next couple of moons, Snakestalker and Swiftwind's quarrels turn into physical violence, and Snakestalker is in a half-clan relationship with a MarshClan tom named Newttail. When she get exiled by TunnelClan for expecting half-clan kits and rejected by MarshClan, she roams the streets of Twolegplace. She runs into two rouges named Fox and Slate, they take Snakestalker to their leader. Guess who it is? It's Claw (wow who knew). She gives birth to four kits. One dies, who she named Ginger in honor of her mother, Gingerpelt, who was killed right in front of Snakestalker as a kit. She names the other three Elm, Myrtle, and Fluffle. Myrtle and Fluffle want revenge on the clans. Elm just doesn't want to kill cats. When the final battle comes, Snakestalker fights for the clans, and Elm joins her. Elm kills his sister Fluffle. And Snakestalker kills Claw, the cat she helped raise. She is welcomed back to TunnelClan by their new leader, Stripestar. A cat name Heatspring has a small group of cats who are against Snakestalker. Elmpaw gets an apprentice name and is mentored by Maplewater, Snakestalker's father. Myrtle eventually also joins TunnelClan and is apprenticed to Bristleclaw, Snakestalker's brother. So that's pretty much her story.

  • My oc is named coyote storm. Hes the deputy of wind-clan. Hes a fluffy tan-and faded ginger Tom.Hes gentle,and kind yet brave ,and loyal.He got a 72% although his pattern is common. My strong/gentle boi got be 72%. Idk how but he did!

  • My OC is LemonHeart, first known as LemonStripe.

    He's a light yellow tom with darker yellow stripes on his back, tail tip, ears, and backpaws. he also has 3 little stripes under his right eye that kinda look like lemon slices. i think that makes it obvious why lemon is in his name.. ._.

    He is very loyal towards his clan and thinks that the weak or those that cant/wont fight poison the clan. he murders his brother applekit when they are almost 6 moons because applekit doesnt want to fight (he would have become a med cat). his siter died at birth and his father drowned after falling off of a cliff. he doesnt grieve for them tho. he's kind towards his clanmates and his mothers judgement is everything for him. he secretly killed off alot of cats from his clan, even the med apprentice. when he is about to be nammed deputy, his mother stops the clan leader and reveals everything that lemonstripe has done, causing the leader to rename his lemonheart, due to his bitter heart, and banishes him. from there on i dont have much story :/

  • My OC's name is Willowstream. She is mostly orange with spots of black and white along her tail. She's currently an apprentice, at 8 moons but is proving her worth and will most likely become a warrior soon. She's easily angered and often runs off with her best and VERY close friend, Fawnpaw, to the Dark Forest to train. She's accidentally killed a Dark Forest cat. The other cats congratulated her on it.

    • Willowpaw, right? Also, killing a dark forest cat as an apprentice is one thing. But on accident? That's a little... or very unreal. Why is she easily angered? How did her and Fawnpaw become close friends? Just some questions you should ask yourself while making an OC.

  • My OCs name is Softpaw. They are male and were always judged by their soft and fluffy appearance. They are very feisty and angry, however. They are white with light brown markings.

  • My OCs Violetsun. In my book series, The Forsaken Frost, she is the daughter of BlizzardClans deputy, Coffeebean. At the end of the first book, she and Coffeebean; her mother, Silverminnow; and her brother, Yarrowpaw, are banished. They then go to PrimeClan.

  • My OC is Rainstripe, who I made a warrior cats role play quiz series about! I can't really say how she looks because I want you to imagine that. You can take them now by clicking on my name!

    Dvora M