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  • Warrior Cat (OCs) RP :,)
    "Dimstar and Crookedflower nodded and padded away. Before Crookedflower they were completely gone into the trees he turned away, “Well be the"
  • "Jupiter finished her squirrel and lay down next to her mate, she sniffed her and her and thought something wasn’t right. “Are you alright my"
  • ""Alright. I'll save you some anyways." Jupiter kneaded her paws and lowered head to eat. Sure! I don't really know anything abo"
  • "Jupiter padded to the pile and dragged out a squirrel, "You want to share this?" She purred."
  • Warrior Cat (OCs) RP :,)
    "Dimstar looked at the two cats again, "They won't be?" He smiled."
  • Warrior Cat (OCs) RP :,)
    "IM SO SORRY GUYS-)) Dim star stirred and looked at Crookedflower “Fine, as long as PhantomClan isn’t there.” The deputy gagged."
  • "Sorry!!!)) Jupiter purred and helped her mate up"
  • "Jupiter licked Mercury's head. "You want to come to the fresh-kill pile with me? Y'know, since the kits are still asleep and all this is a ..."
  • "Jupiter fluttered open her tired eyes and stretched as Mercury laughed. She purred and got up. "'Morning my sweet!" She mewed, then kneaded ..."
  • "Jupiter rested her head on her mate's fur closed her eyes. "I love you. . ." She yawned and then fell asleep with her."
  • Warrior Cat (OCs) RP :,)
    "Ty!)) Dimstar lay with Crookedflower in the sun. Crookedflower's fur bristled. "You smell that?" He hissed. Dimstar got up. "Disgustin"
  • My Daily Sketchbook :,)
    "Hey everyone! I'm making an AMV for my precious Ghoststar! (Silverstar x Phantomstar) And I need some suggested songs! I'm also sketch"
  • Warrior Cat (OCs) RP :,)
    "And he has a crooked tail- sorry, I keep forgetting to add things- but now I got it.))"
  • "Holewhisker! Next up! Gladepaw!"
  • Warrior Cat (OCs) RP :,)
    "Oh ya, Crookedflower is like- REALLY fluffy, but his fluffiness is all spikey))"

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