How Oldham are you?

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What makes Oldham unique? Is it the landmarks, the food we eat, what we drink or the way we speak? We've picked our brains and come up with the incisive questions that sort the Oldham people from the rest of the UK.

So how much do YOU know about Oldham? You might have been born here but are the ways of the Oldham in your blood? Or do you just fancy yourself as one of us?

Created by: Hard Graft Theatre Co. of hard graft theatre co.
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  1. If you are unwell are you...
  2. Which thinks it is the poshist place in Oldham
  3. Which is the oldest building in Oldham?
  4. Who has NOT performed in Oldham?
  5. If someone is ugly they are...?
  6. Where Hospital were you born in?
  7. You would always go into a shop and ask for a sausage /bacon / cheese.....?
  8. Those things that people wear on their legs are called?
  9. Where do you get your news from?
  10. Where can you see Babushka the Russian Mother Christmas this Christmas?

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Quiz topic: How Oldham am I?