How Old Are You Really? ***

This quiz helps you know how old you act. For example, if you can only make peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches and never wear high heels (if you're a girl!) You'll probably get the result of Eight Years Old. And those are only some of the questions!

You'll find out how old you "REALLY ARE" in a couple minutes by taking this short quiz. I hope you enjoy it and find your result either a) true or b) funny.

Created by: Cash
  1. Can you cook?
  2. Can you do the laundry without turning everything pink?
  3. Have you been on a date?
  4. Do you have a job?
  5. Do you wear makeup (girls only)
  6. Do you own a dictionary?
  7. Can you read?
  8. Do you ever wear high heels?
  9. Do you sleep with (a) stuffed animal(s)
  10. Do you enjoy reading/writing?

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Quiz topic: How Old am I Really? ***