How NW2 are you?

We all have a place we call home, some people move home or location more than once, but there is always that one special place that holds a place in our hearts, the place we were happy living in. But how much do you really know about it. NW2 is my special place

This is a FUN quiz to test you on Cricklewood NW2. It's questions cover past and present, I made this up to see how much people know about the area I have called home for over 30 yrs.

Created by: mags

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  1. Had a really s--- day, and feel like a drink... Where you gonna go?
  2. Which one of these was a real shop that used to be in Cricklewood brdy. Think hard there could be some trick answers!!
  3. Before B&Q there was ... Before Co-Op there was ... Before Iceland there was ...
  4. Which are 6 real names of pub's/clubs that are or was once in Cricklewood?
  5. What famous name lives in NW2, and is proud of it...?
  6. What shop used to be where snappy snaps is on the corner of Cricklewood brdy and Cricklewood lane?
  7. Westcroft Estates club house is called...
  8. Westcroft estate was built on..
  9. Matalan used to be...
  10. Apart from fruit and veg, and flowers, what else was sold every week from a stall outside the Crown pub, on Cricklewood Brdy?

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