Will you go to Valhalla when you die?

Valhalla is a place in North Mythology where you go when you die in combat. Your wounds are healed and you have great feasts. Seems like a great place to go.

Do you want to go to heaven? Maybe you want to go to a place like heaven. Maybe you think you will go to a place better than heaven. Thanks for taking this quiz.

Created by: Serge

  1. What are your chances of dying in combat?
  2. Who is the most powerful?
  3. Where do you most want to go?
  4. Who would you most likely follow?
  5. How brave are you?
  6. What color tree means the most?
  7. What color shield means the most?
  8. What creature would you most likely see in your afterlife?
  9. Who are the greatest warriors?
  10. Ragnarok is a series of future events, including a great battle. Who isn't suppose to die in the battle?
  11. What are Valhalla's gates guarded by?
  12. What type of meat do you eat in Valhalla?
  13. What do you drink in Valhalla?
  14. How envious are other people of you?
  15. How great of warrior are you?

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Quiz topic: Will I go to Valhalla when you die?