How nice are you?

There are loads of rude people out there but loads of nice people aswell! How are you nice? You're nice if you don't get angry lots and when your like a helper to everyone :)

Are YOU nice? Do you have that power of niceness inside you? You can only be Nice, Medium or pretty much rude. But you don't have to fear anymore because I made this quiz! Take it to find out more about you and your inner character

Created by: TypicalCarLover

  1. If you saw a girl/boy scrambling on the floor trying to find their glasses, would you help them?
  2. If a popular girl said "Humiliate all your friends and I'll make you popular and you can sit at my table for the rest of the year" would you do it?
  3. If someone kept annoying you, what would you do?
  4. Someone says your car sucks and it's ugly, what would you do?
  5. Your friend asks if their outfit looks nice on them although they look ugly in it, what do you say?
  6. You see an ice cream when your with your friends parents (and your friend) what do you do?
  7. -i have no ideas-
  8. -le blank-
  9. Bored
  10. Should I make more?

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Quiz topic: How nice am I?