how popular are you

this is the real popular quiz this is not about being nice this is the real world and how it actually works not a fake quiz was being nice and stuff is the point.

so don't expect any nice stuff and don't get upset about the questions I was part of the popular squad I know how it goes trust me and take my tips im right

Created by: lana

  1. the queen bees like you
  2. are you up to date with the trends aka music clothes partys boys
  3. whats your role in your squad
  4. do you stab people in the back in order to increase your social status
  5. How many parties do you get invited to yearly
  6. do you stalk the queen bee
  7. Would you spread rumors to help your status
  8. have you ever had a boyfriend or boys like you
  9. do people crowd around you
  10. how often are you involved in drama
  11. your social media butterfly and social butterfly in general

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Quiz topic: How popular am I