Are you more like a nerd or a popular

You may have more nerd or popular in you what really maters is that you shouldn't be someone you really aren't and poeple should really always get to know the real you can or can't always be hard but if poeple really like you they should always like the way you are

It doesn't alwaays matterif you don't get what you expected because in life nothing in the real world nothing can tel you what to be like so you can be liked or tell you how to get what you like

Created by: Ruby

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do u like to do on a weekend?
  2. What is your favorite drink?
  3. What is your style?
  4. What is your favorite thing to do?
  5. What is your favorite type of song?
  6. What is your favorite class
  7. What do you like to do a test day after school
  8. If you were in a elementary school or is in one how would dress?
  9. Would you have nerd friends or popular friends?
  10. Do you know if you are more like a popular persson or nerd person?

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Quiz topic: Am I more like a nerd or a popular