Are you a nerd?

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Hi! Are you a nerd or not. Answer this quiz truthfully or you will not find out. I wish you good luck! Everyone one is counting on you because no one likes a nerd!

If you get a low score study less,hate school and try to be popular,kid! Do you know that no one is friends with a stupid nerd so man up to be top kid.

Created by: Kristi L. Thompson

  1. Do you get excited about...
  2. You're favourite youtuber?
  3. Do you have...
  4. You're hair Colour?
  5. Jake pauper?
  6. Eye colour?
  7. Hobby?
  8. You see a broken book. Do you?
  9. Facebook or Instagram
  10. Best friend?

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Quiz topic: Am I a nerd?