How much you would enjoy in the Choco-Candy-Cake world?

Hey there! Do you want to enjoy an Imaginary world of chocolates and candies and cookies and cakes? Where every thing is made of yum! Yum means cakes and candies and nothing else!!!!

If this is so... Then you should surely take this quiz and I am sure you'll enjoy this small world which is fully imaginary. Take this quiz world. And yes, Thanks for taking it.

Created by: Gracious

  1. Welcome to the Choco-Candy-Cake world!!!
  2. First I am going to take you to the mountains... They are made up of Ice cream cone... And the yummy various flavored Ice cream syrup!
  3. Now, I am going to take you to the river... It's amazing. It's made up of chocolate... Chocolate sauce yum!
  4. Get ready to go to the castle which is made of candies candies candies and candies...!
  5. So.... Now be ready to go in the gardens....They consist of Flowers made up of Vanilla and chocolate and Strawberry and Mint and Butterscotch flavor!
  6. Now, The main enjoyment is coming! The cakes.... Let's enjoy the cakes now. Here are the forests full of cakes. The trees are made up of cake...The grass, The cute and disharmonious animals, The birds, The flowers, The sky....All are made up of Cakes and cream!
  7. Woohoo! Let's go to the library now! The books are magical here and all about Chocolates! Cakes! Candies! Cookies! When you open a book and see a picture of a yum thing it will appear really in front of you!!!
  8. Now this is the last monument you have been visiting...So gt redy to dance on the dance floor. The tiles are made of chocolates....The disco-light is made up of candies and the food is cakes and cookies!

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