What sort of cake should you eat?

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This will tell you what kind of cake you should eat. Maybe you want cake but don't know what kind, this will tell you, if you don't eat cake then you will still get one.

Try it and see what you get hopefully you'll like what you get. Coffee cake, cherry and cream cake, wedding cake, rock cakes, muffins, fruit cake, toffee cake (these aren't all the options I'm just filling the space).

Created by: chocolatefrog
  1. How much do you want cake?
  2. How much icing ?
  3. Do you like chocolate cake?
  4. Do you like lemon?
  5. Do you like cake with a creamy filling?
  6. How are you feeling ?
  7. What time is it?
  8. What cake topping?
  9. Favourite ?
  10. What sort of cake would you like?
  11. When did you last eat cake?
  12. What was the last cake you ate ?
  13. How sweet do you like food?
  14. Do you want an icing cake right now?

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Quiz topic: What sort of cake should I eat?