How much random knowledge do you have?

This is knowledge almost no one knows. Test your knowledge against the best in the country. Even if you get 100% of the information on this quiz, you know almost nothing compared to all of the knowledge in the world.

Don't give up though! Strive to know as much as you can, for knowledge is power, joy, and is the key to life. Anything can be accomplished if you know the right things! So see if you can master these random tidbits and look it up to learn more yourself!

Created by: Elliryanna

  1. About how many people hurt themselves with toothpicks per year?
  2. Which technique was NOT used to help Jews during World War Two?
  3. Which of these materials is used in dynamite?
  4. How many kernels does the average corn have?
  5. What fruit did scientists use to compare to other radiation sources?
  6. What was a likely cause of the Salem Witch Trials?
  7. What was not usually used in America until after the Civil War?
  8. What is the dot over the lower case of the letter I called?
  9. Where does the word "Crayola" come from?
  10. Does the vintage label on wine say when it was bottled or when the grapes were picked?
  11. Which animal can last longer without water?
  12. When a raisin is dropped into soda, what will it do?
  13. How many words were misspelled in the 1996 edition of Webster's Dictionary?
  14. American Airlines saved how much in 1987 by doing one thing?
  15. What was Walt Disney afraid of?
  16. An ostrich's what is bigger than its brain?
  17. A snail can sleep for how long?

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Quiz topic: How much random knowledge do I have?