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  • You might possibly be 100% like my pet rabbit Ivory!

    Were you a rabbit in a past life or something! When did you and Ivory meet? Are you my other rabbit re-born? EXCELLENT. Have a medal. ^5 True Rabbit!

    d idn't expect to get that.

  • I bet your rabbit is very cute:)

    DJ Chic La Freak
  • oh-his middle name is applesauce cuz its his favorite food. all the middles names of pets in my house are their favorite food, so maybe if Ivory doesn't have a middle name, it could be Broccoli! (last names are the animal they are, so yours could be Ivory Broccoli Rabbit!) *sorry, i feel like an annoying little creep who won't shut up, cuz i'm telling you like, everything about my bunny*

  • cool quiz-i have a rabbit too! His name is Cluseau, like Inspector Cluseau from the Pink Panther movies, cuz he has a mustache (two brown spots on either side below his nose!) he is white with long grey ears, a brown stripe down his back, and brown around his eyes. he is the cutest rabbit EVER!


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