How much percent are you like my pet rabbit Ivory?

There are people who think they are like MY pet rabbit Ivory. But who is? Eh, find out how much you are in this quickly whipped up quiz... My pet rabbit, Ivory, is very very cool! He had quite a big family. He's the last of his family now, sadly, but you can cheer him up by taking part in this quiz!

...That TOTALLY RANDOM. If you are 50+ percent, well done. If your not. Tuff Luck. Choosers, after all, are losers! If you do go and win yourself "the grand prize" of 100% Don't go posting the answers on reality websites. This is just random fun. Enjoy.

Created by: Daniel

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  1. Do you have fur/hair?
  2. What colour is it?
  3. Do you have long/big ears
  4. Are you a messy eater?
  5. Are you tidy/clean?
  6. What is your favourite fruit/veg out of these.
  7. Have you had a good friend who isn't with you anymore?
  8. Do you like Rabbits?
  9. Do you have long whiskers? (etc. Beard, Mustache)
  10. If you were a Rabbit who's fur was WHITE, would you prefer to be called Ivory?

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Quiz topic: How much percent am I like my pet rabbit Ivory?