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  • Sorry n thank you

    emptyfolder Aug 9 '18, 12:15AM
  • Gosh..

    emptyfolder Aug 9 '18, 12:12AM
  • #jezwannaattempt

    emptyfolder Aug 9 '18, 12:11AM
  • I got 96% wolf! Yay!

    TylaIsMe Jun 16 '18, 3:48PM
  • yay i'm a wolf now come whit me wolf pack

    MCSth7992 Mar 23 '18, 9:06AM
  • I got 70%...

    I am a wolf on all levels except physical.
    Anyone? U Mad Bro!?

    LoserLoner Feb 15 '17, 11:52PM
  • You are 96% a wolf!

    You are a wolf! You absoloutely ADORE wolves, and you know everything about them! You are a true wolf-master, and if you aren't a wolf, you definately should be one! You are like a wolf in countless ways, and you would be one if you could! Congrats!

    Yay!!! *howls*

    Tacocat1 Jan 9 '17, 8:05PM
  • 100% Wolf I do act like a wolf a LOT

    Mistystar Jun 5 '16, 11:23AM
  • 100% Wolf I do act like a wolf a LOT

    Mistystar Jun 5 '16, 11:22AM
  • 93% wolf yes this is great!

    RubyHeart Mar 14 '16, 3:44PM
  • 70%
    You are a wolf lover! You LOVE wolves, and you would do nearly anything to get close to them. You are not a wolf, but you are a lot like one.

    Mistytail Feb 25 '16, 12:32AM
  • :howls: I know Im a wolf. I got 100%. I adore them, and I remember being an animal like a wolf, if it wasnt one, in a past life.

    Wolf Alpha Jan 17 '16, 5:46PM
  • 100% wolf, of course. My family is Gili Longhouse, the Dogs :)

    tsimahei Dec 5 '15, 5:25AM
  • 89% wolf!!! Wooohooo!!!

    draonsrock Dec 3 '15, 11:58AM
  • 81% wolf *Howl* Awesome

    FOLLOWER1 Nov 15 '15, 3:48PM
  • 1738 I'm like hey whats up hello ok ill stop... 100 percent wolf knew it!!!! Sers IRL aside from test half wolf (or some percent IDK buts its over 50 [not an OVER 9000 joke], so yeah)

    xXBlazeWolfXx Nov 11 '15, 6:58PM
  • hell yea 100% wolf

    fangclaw Nov 9 '15, 5:25PM
  • WOW 96% Wof!! Not impressed.

    Wolves4082 Sep 28 '15, 12:50PM
  • Holy im 93% wolf O.o

    Larks Sep 27 '15, 5:39PM
  • Wow i never knew i was 56% wolf cause i love love cats i even sleep outside with them often.You people reading this ill give you a few reasons i like wofls. 1.there cute 2.i have two pet dogs thats all for today mkaybye

    TheZGoodTeller Sep 20 '15, 2:07AM
  • 96 %wolf I'm now Awesome

    watermelon lupin Sep 4 '15, 7:23AM
  • 93% is awesome Awooooooooooooooo!

    tc68111 Aug 28 '15, 12:45AM

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