how much of a pothead are you

We want YOU. To find out if you really are a true reefer smokin pothead. If you think your up to the challenge of this very stonerfied "survey". Come get Some. (Of the survey not my reefer)

See how much of a pothead you REALLY are? Do you think you smoke enough to surpass the knowledge of our potsmoking professers. Well lets find out so come on over and test your stoner skills.

Created by: dugger

  1. where was the last time you got high
  2. when was the last time you got high?
  3. how many pothead "toys" do you have
  4. Be Honest! Do you know what a shotgun is? (not a gun)
  5. pause for the cause means
  6. Have you ever seen live pot plants growing?
  7. can you make a bowl, out of anything as long as you have duct tape and straws
  8. Can you roll a joint?
  9. Whats the last thing you've smoked out of?
  10. whats THC

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Quiz topic: How much of a pothead am I