How much of a Conspiracy Quack Are You

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Are you a conspiracy nut or just really street smart or a totally naive individual ready to be sucked into the new world order and never know what hit you.

Find out in this scientifically accurate personality profile created by the great minds at this and that chat a leading research group paid lots of money by the government

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  1. The X Files
  2. Abraham Lincoln picture appears on the Penny the most worthless coin and the only one that is brown because.
  3. The New World Order Spoken about by George H Bush is
  4. Martin Luther King was Assassinated by
  5. HIV virus was created by
  6. George Bush Hates
  7. 911 was caused by
  8. Skull and Bones is
  9. American Idol is ....
  10. The government has conducted harmful experiments on black people
  11. Marilynn Monroe
  12. The Government...
  13. The Jews

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Quiz topic: How much of a Conspiracy Quack am I