How Much Do You Really Know About---THE TRUTH??

In this generation only 4% of teenagers serve Christ. The rest either don't know about him or deny him. So many teens have questions that nobody has the answers to. And so many teens think they know the answers, but rarely do!

If you have questions that you think you know the answers to or just want to find them out then this quiz is for you! Though short, we trust that is will be helpful to you!

Created by: Raze Ministries of RazeMinistries
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  1. What is a sinner?
  2. Why did Jesus come to earth?
  3. If Jesus saved the world, why do people still go to hell?
  4. Are all the people who go to church saved?
  5. Are there really demons?
  6. How do you accept Jesus?
  7. When people die do they turn into angels?
  8. Does everyone sin?
  9. How many ways are there to get to heaven?
  10. Why is there so much bad in the world?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Really Know About---THE TRUTH??